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29 Oct

Independent Reviews from 'The Grommit"

Posted by Spencer Noonan

It’s not as high impact as other forms of exercise, and that’s exactly what makes walking such a healthy way to stay fit. Now, walking can do even more than strengthen your lower body. BungyPump fitness poles transform a walk or hike into a total body workout that activates 90% of your muscles and burns up to 77% more calories compared to normal walking. Unlike rigid walking sticks, BungyPump feature built-in suspension and provide smooth and steady resistance every time the poles are pressed down. No jarring or straining.


The link below provides customer reviews for the Bungy Pump poles. 

"I was worried but optimistic. But after my first walk with the poles I am an evangelist!"

"If you want a better all around workout that can even shorten the time needed for your walk, GET A PAIR OF THESE!"

"I love my bungy walking poles! Thay give me stability and make me stronger! I look forward to my hike every day! I got the slimline but once i'm stronger i will get one with more resistance! Thanks!"

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