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21 Aug

American Nordic Walking Association ANWA Post

Posted by Spencer Noonan

BungyPump appeals to everyone’s needs, be they rehabilitation, regular exercise, more demanding physical activity or weight loss, and works for both outdoor and indoor use. Training with BungyPump has features and benefits that suit a wide range of potential user groups. The below information presents market features and health benefits offered by BungyPump.

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05 Aug

Fit Bottom Girls Review October 3rd 2013

Posted by Spencer Noonan

So the Swedes have been doing a fun new workout lately; one that’s now making its way to the U.S. One that looks like walking or hiking, but has an added twist to it. A bungy twist, if you will. Click here for the review  A fun fact that has led to it being one of the tools trainers use on the Swedish edition of The Biggest Loser.

26 Jul

The Grommet Review July 2014

Posted by Spencer Noonan

BungyPump originated in Sweden as an off-season training tool for cross-country skiers. But, given its ease of use, we’re not surprised it has become a favorite form of exercise among Nordic people from all walks of life. Physical therapists have even been known to recommend BungyPump for those recovering from injuries and back problems. These poles are made for strengthening not only your legs, but your core and arms as well.


26 Jul

BungyPump poles tested by Mark Ghee MCSP HPC Chartered Physiotherapist

Posted by Spencer Noonan

"The sprung motion of BungyPump poles develops balance and coordination, which in turn increase the level of muscular  activity around the buttocks, legs and core muscles. This is hugely beneficial in reducing injuries and encouraging more symmetrical movement patterns when rehabilitating patients - particularly important when recovering from surgery such as hip or knee replacement, or when a person is suffering from arthritis in the major weight bearing joints. Much of the pain is caused by excessive strain being placed on the soft tissues surrounding arthritic joints due to muscle wastage and resultant poor movement patterns." Click here for full review



24 Jul

Gizmag Review February 19th 2013

Posted by Spencer Noonan

Poles used for wilderness trekking and Nordic walking are rigid in nature and provide static contact with the ground. Some poles use an anti-shock system that provides a little bit of spring action to limit the impact on the joints.

BungyPump poles, in contrast, use an internal suspension system to provide a much more drastic motion. The smaller mid-section retracts into the upper section every time they hit the ground, providing more movement of the arms. The poles have enough travel to allow for most of the mid-section to be engulfed by the upper shaft. The user can adjust the resistance of the suspension, changing how much weight he is pressing down for different levels of workout.

Click on the link to read the full review; http://www.gizmag.com/swedish-walking-bungypump/26293/