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12 May

Review from Outward Minded Magazine US - Lauren Rains

Posted by Spencer Noonan

First Impressions: To be honest with you, when I first received this I was a little skeptical. Standing still, the resistance of the bungee poles up and down sliding motion didn’t seem very strenuous, and I thought it simply going to be more of an inconvenience. WRONG! My opinion soon changed after I took these guys out on a hike around San Francisco’s parks.

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14 Apr

Orewa 10.5km 13/04/2014

Posted by Spencer Noonan

Well done to Cecilia and her team who managed to  do the 10,5 km in 1h 36 min.

Cecilia is still doing Bungy Pump fitness classes on Thursday and Fridays at William Bays Park/Red Beach Park at 9.15-10.15, Map