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Walking, fitness and health with an edge.

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Interested in walking with a group?

From experience, we know that being part of a group is an excellent way of achieving our health and fitness goals, so please do not hesitate to contact us and join our quest - we want to be part of creating a healthy and fit New Zealand for the future! We can facilitate setting up a walking group near you, click here for Facebook.

Please contact us on bungypumpnz@gmail.com , we are currently setting up walking groups across Auckland.

Interested in some serious training? Contact Cecilia Tyne a qualified Bungy Pump Instructor. So grab a friend or come and meet some like minded people and experience Bungy Pump poles before you buy.  We are currently setting up some training groups, and have loan poles at these sessions. 

Our instructor Cecilia Tyne lives in Red Beach, north of Auckland, with her husband and 2 children. She has a B Ed in Physical Education and has worked as a professional handball player and PE Teacher for most of her adult life.
Done the right way Bungy Pump gives multifunctional training that exercise your whole body and increases your calorie consumption by up to 77% compared to walking without poles. If you are interested in trying this fun way of exercising please contact cecilia.bungypumpnz@gmail.com or on her mobile 021-343173.

Interested in becoming an instructor? Bungy Pump International has set up a training zone http://www.bungypumpworld.com/en , alternatively you can contact us bungypump.nz@gmail.com.