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Walking, fitness and health with an edge.

The Poles


Bungy Pumps are unique training poles with a built-in suspension system providing resistance every time the pole is pressed down. The poles are for everyone wanting to increase their fitness and get a strong and supple body. More and more people are discovering the benefits of using Bungy Pumps - people new to exercise, regular walkers and elite sports people, young and old. The poles are used in fitness, health care and rehabilitation, and the great thing is that you, yourself, decide the pace and load. Using the right technique and resistance maximum - you can increase your burning of calories up to 77%

Our poles fit into three broad categories of users: walking, fitness and health. Which one do you identify with?

Walking with an edge

If you are a regular or casual walker who wants to add that extra edge, we recommend our Slimline poles. With a four-kilo resistance you will activate your upper body and burn those extra calories as well as improve your posture and strength.

Fitness with an edge

If you are looking for a complete workout and a training challenge, we recommend our Number One or Energy poles. These two poles are suitable for serious walking as well as for a wide range of exercises (link to somewhere possible?). Number One with a four kilo resistance would be the way to start for an experienced walker and trainer. Energy, with a six kilo resistance, will take it to the next level. (Click here for Blog)

Health with an edge

If you are in need of gentle exercise while rehabilitating or if you have reached that golden age where you wish to continue regular physical activity without over straining your body, we recommend our Number One poles. The built-in suspension offers soft and gentle exercise while activating a wide range of muscle groups in the back and upper body. Walking with these poles offers a very effective way of maintaining a certain level of fitness and well-being.